The area of Waterford is a very convenient location on the South side of town. This neighborhood's precise boundaries are Man O' War Boulevard stationed on the North. Hickman Creek runs to the East, and rural Fayette County sits on the West of this neighborhood. The area in Waterford currently holds a population of a little over one thousand, four hundred and eighty residents. This is a charming location to rent or own inside of because of how close this particular neighborhood sits to the downtown amenities, as well The University of Kentucky. There are hospitals close by in this area, as well major shopping areas and colleges. The Waterford neighborhood is close to the Hamburg Shopping area as well, which is a huge plus when it comes to shopping for the holidays. This neighborhood has all that a person could ever want or need when it comes to convenience. The types of homes that are in the Waterford community are homes which were constructed in the 1900's, some older and newer. There is a great selection of homes within this area. Many of the homes in the Waterford area are two-story homes, built in the traditional brick layout. With many of the homes, there is a decent amount of yard space for the kids to get out and exercise or play in. There are some very excellent schools located near the Waterford area as well, which is always a plus when it comes to the upsurge of our children's education. Some of the closest schools nearby the Waterford area are Veterans Park Elementary School, Southern Middle School, and Tates Creek High School. When it comes to fabulous restaurants nearby the Waterford neighborhood, the area has you covered. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area include Saul Good Restaurant & Pub, Dudley's On Short and The Village Idiot. There are a lot more that are near the Waterford neighborhood, but those are within the most popular. Being close to the downtown area, a person will be able to locate a lot more creative places to dine, which is right around the corner of the Waterford neighborhood.