The University of Kentucky is a major university in the state of Kentucky. This university has been up and functioning since the year of 1865 and has been going strong ever since. When it comes to renting or buying a home around the UK campus, there comes excitement, adventure, and a lot of action. Most young people first beginning college will want to board around the UK campus because of all the action that comes with that package. Keep in mind that a lot of people rent townhouses to live in, which does cut down on cost. Many people will want to rent or own near the UK campus area because of how convenient everything is. This will be true for a lot of students who are attending The University of Kentucky. What makes it better while you're going to school than to have everything you need right at in your back door? Keep in mind that there are major shopping centers and hospitals near the UK campus. All over the UK campus area, there are trails to walk and bicycle if you want. This is especially popular with students because most of them live so close to the school, they tend to either walk or ride a bicycle to class. The style of homes near the UK campus is your traditional brick layout. A lot of the homes near the UK campus will have furnished basements and garages. Some homes will even have an ample yard space to grow smaller gardens. Most all the households in this area are one to two-story houses. There are a lot of schools in the area near the UK campus, The University of Kentucky being the most popular and dominant. We also have Lafayette Senior High School and Harrison Elementary School. Other schools close by the UK campus area include Morton Middle School and Coventry Oak Elementary School. There are some excellent places to eat near the UK campus. Some of these locations include The Sweet Spot and Triangle Grille. That's two of hundreds of places to dine near the UK campus area. A few other places to check out are Saul Good Restaurant & Pub, Cheapside Bar & Grill, as well Buddha Lounge.