This is a neighborhood located in Northwestern Lexington, Kentucky. This area's precise boundaries are Masterson Station Park to the West and Leestown Road to the South. The other limitations include Greendale Road to the East and Spurr Road sitting at the North. The population of the Masterson Station community is a little under one thousand. The population density sits at 1,193 people per square mile. This type of neighborhood is home to a median range of household income. The Masterson Station community is a very nice place to rent or own because it's only a thirteen-minute drive into the downtown area. The downtown Lexington area is home to amazing places to eat and dine. The downtown area also holds a lot of creative and cultural festivals. There will be so much for a family to get involved with if deciding to rent or own in the Masterson Station area. This is because it sits too close to downtown Lexington, where a lot of the action is. The particular style of homes in the Masterson Station area include homes that have been constructed with more of a modern, brick layout. Most of the households in the Masterson Station area have a lot of yards and tree space. This will be a huge plus for families with small children. The homes in this community also are either one or two-stories. Most all homes will come with a full functioning garage, and some homes have full furnished basements. There are a lot of schools' close by the Masterson Station area. Some of those schools include Sandersville Elementary School and Leestown Middle School. Those are a few of the many schools in this area. Some other schools will include Mary Todd Elementary School, Northern Elementary School, and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. There are plenty of restaurants nearby the Masterson Station area to go and enjoy oneself in. Some of those places include Red State BBQ and Lees Garden. Some other fantastic places to eat are Mancino's Pizza & Grinders, China King, and Brasabana. Since this community is so close to the downtown area, a person will be able to locate hundreds of more places to eat.