The beautiful area of Lansdowne is located in Southeast Lexington, Kentucky. The precise boundaries are Tates Creek Road sitting in the East. New Circle Road is positioned to the South of the Lansdowne area. The neighborhood's population reaches just a little bit over two thousand residents. The household income is in the median range for families. Keep in mind that the population density is 1,952 people per square mile. This area is a very nice place to live because it's near New Circle Road and that will lead into all the downtown amenities. The Lansdowne neighborhood is perfect for families who hate spending a lot of the time in the car going to and fro. This area is located in a beautiful suburban area, yet still close to all the action Lexington, Kentucky has to offer. It's a great setup and mixture of both worlds. A lot of the homes in this neighborhood were created in the 1960's throughout the 1980's. The homes are more so on the ranch, cape cod, as well two-story brick construction layout. The homes in the Lansdowne neighborhood are your typical, traditional houses. Education is a critical aspect of choosing a location to live. Within the Lansdowne area, there is the Lansdowne Elementary School. This school has a lovely reputation for having the great one-on-one student, teacher ratio. Some other schools near the Lansdowne neighborhood are Tates Creek High School, Henry Clay High School, and Southern Middle School. Eating out for a lot of families is the norm in today. It's so important to know what types of restaurants will be near a potential buying location. Some great restaurants to check out near the Lansdowne area are OBC Kitchen, Malone's Lansdowne, The Cellar Bar & Grill and so much more. The great thing about renting or owning in the Lansdowne area is that you can get a little of both worlds. This neighborhood is set in the suburban location, yet is right next door to most all popular restaurants and schools. A person isn't going to have to drive a long distance to get what they need or want.