The beautiful area of Gardenside is a neighborhood set in Southwestern Lexington, Kentucky. Its specific boundaries are Wolf Run Creek to the North. Beacon Hill Drive to the East and Lane Allen Road to the South. The population is a little over six hundred residents. The population density is 2,565 people per square mile. This is a perfect place to rent or own if you’re a family with a median household income. This is an amazing place to rent or own because it’s close to all the services a person would need. It’s just miles from the local Kroger. The Gardenside area is a ten-minute drive to get into downtown Lexington. This is a huge selling point for many people because there is so much to get involved with. So, the downtown area is literally right next door to this community! The area of Gardenside is only two miles from The University of Kentucky Medical Center. This will be a great selling point because to be close to a hospital insures safety and security. The specific style of home in the Gardenside location resembles more of a traditional, modern style home. Most of the homes in this neighborhood have larger yards, which is a plus if your family has any children. A lot of these homes have been constructed with the traditional brick layout. Most of the homes in the Gardenside area are one to two-story homes. Some of the homes have fully furnished garages and basements. The schools in the neighborhood are amazing and have a reputation for outstanding education. Near the Gardenside area, there is Garden Springs Elementary School and Beaumont Middle School. Some other schools in the neighborhood include Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and Lafayette High School. When it comes to amazing places to eat, there isn’t a short side in the Gardenside community. Some outstanding restaurants in nearby the area are El Gran Taco and Country Cooking by George. Some other amazing places to eat near the Gardenside neighborhood area include O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar, as well LongHorn Steakhouse.