This is a beautiful community located in Southeastern Lexington, Kentucky. Its precise boundaries are New Circle Road to the North and Tates Creek Road to the West. Armstrong Mill Road is stationed to the South. There is also a combination of Pimlico Parkway and Bold Bidder to the East. The Gainesway community holds a population of a little over two thousand residents. This neighborhood's population density is 4,512 people per square mile. The neighborhood of Gainesway is a beautiful place to rent or own because of how close it is to the downtown area. It's only a fifteen-minute drive to get into downtown Lexington. This area sits on land for raising horses for various races throughout Kentucky. The area of Gainesway has a horse farm, and for people who breed and raise horses, this would be a perfect place to rent or own. There is an amazing walkability at the Gainesway community. Residents of this area have noted some of their favorite aspects of the Gainesway area are the dog-friendly atmosphere. Residents love the friendly neighbors and the convenience of the city as a whole. The particular style of homes in the Gainesway community includes the traditional, modern style. Most of the households in this area have been constructed with the traditional brick layout. A lot of the homes in the Gainesway community have full furnished garages and basements. This is a huge selling plus when it comes to families looking to buy. There is also a lot of yard space for some of the homes in this area, and that is always a plus when it comes to families with children. There are some fantastic schools near the Gainesway neighborhood to take into consideration. Some of those facilities include Tates Creek High School and Tates Creek Middle School. Some other great schools nearby the Gainesway area are Henry Clay High School, Harrison Elementary School, and Montessori High School of Kentucky. When it comes to unusual places to eat and dine near the Gainesway area, this place has got what it takes! There is Little Caesars Pizza, Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant, and Chinoe Grill. Some other places include Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, as well Malone's Lansdowne and Asian Café.