This fantastic area of Belleau Woods is located in Southeastern Lexington. It sits right between Clearwater Way and Laredo Drive, which sits on three hundred and nineteen acres. The Belleau Woods neighborhood holds a population well over two thousand residents. Its boundaries are Man O' War Boulevard on the South end, Hickman Creek to the North and East. There is an excellent combination of Belleau Woods Drive and Greenfield Drive to the West. This type of neighborhood is quite lovely to rent or own in because it's close to major highways leading into downtown. There are various shopping centers nearby, too. The Belleau Woods area would be ideal for an average working family to rent or own. This neighborhood is also near the Meadowbrook Golf Course, which is always a plus if you have a family member who loves to golf. The Belleau Woods area is also close to the Pax Christi Catholic Church. The types of homes that are stationed within the Belleau Woods neighborhood vary in story and size. Keep in mind that apartments are also available within this particular community as well. There are primary homes that do not have an upstairs, and then there are two story homes to take into consideration. Most of the homes within the Belleau Woods neighborhood are made from brick, so they are well-structured and sturdy to last many years. Keep in mind that the homes out of this neighborhood are made with more of a contemporary and modern feel. There are three main schools within the Belleau Woods neighborhood area, and they are the Southern Elementary School, the Southern Middle School, as well Tates Creek High School. All the three schools have upstanding reputations for fabulous higher education. Some favorite restaurants that are near the Belleau Woods area are Ramsey's Diner, MOD Pizza, Shanghai Bistro, as well much more! The restaurants in this area are very popular with the locals of the Belleau Woods neighborhood. There haven't been any grievances or shut downs with the restaurants near the Belleau Woods area, which is always a plus for fine wine and dining.